Lightweight Birthdays Manager does not use own database or other data storage. It works just with contacts in your android device and does not have any import/export functionality. The application works with device calendar and shows information in your device locale - lists of all birthdays in contacts and lists of all contacts without birthday so you can manage birthdays easy. By the way, you will find a lot of unlinked contacts in your contacts list.

Smart widget-shortcut displays information for next five days.

Resizable, extremely small widget (1x1) shows list of upcoming birthdays to inform you whose birthday is next and you may enlarge the widget size if you wish to see more data.

Status bar notification is displayed never to forget to greet your friends. Just tap the notification to open contact’s card where you can call or send sms/email message.

Birthdays Manager is free, Google advertisement supported application and it needs full access to the internet but of course, app works without internet connection too. Please, see our privacy policy for more details.

If you want to help us to translate the application to your language, please email us.

Q: What do the five letters on the smart widget-shortcut mean?

A: There are first letters of the week day name.

Q: Can I transfer the application to SD card?

A: Unfortunately, no. The application should receive system reset information to schedule updates properly. It is possible only if receiver resides in the main device storage. We work hard to keep application code as small as possible and it occupies a few megabytes on your device at the moment.

Q: How often the widget updates and notices are sent during a day?

A: The notice is sent approximately at 1:00 AM and widgets are updated at the same time. Also widget may be updated more often if you actively work with the lists.

Q: Does the application use personal data stored in my device?

A: Only the birthday date and name are read from your contact list. Please, see our privacy policy for more details.

Q: I do not see any contacts on the application's main screen.

A: You should use your device contact manager to enter dates and events. Just go to the second tab and tap an item in the list.


We respect the privacy rights of our users and are committed to protect the personal information collected about or provided by you.

In order to support the main functionality, the application reads birthday dates and display names from your contacts list. The collected information is never transferred anywhere over network or other communication channels and is never stored anywhere in the device.

Anonymous crash statistic from the application is collected to help us to debug and to improve our product. This information is stored on your device and may be sent to our database only if you voluntarily provide it to us via sending error report email.

Internet connection is used to serve advertisements only.

Third Party Components

The application includes the third party component to serve advertisements: Google AdMob service. You may read AdMob’s privacy policy here:

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