The application designed specifically to be controlled by single hand. Very easy to use in a market while your first hand holds a label and the second hand controls the application.

Handy Magnifier is free, Google advertisement supported application and it needs full access to the internet. Please, see our privacy policy for more details.

If You want to help us to translate the application to Your language, please email us.

Q: How to control the application?

A:Tap the screen once, which would focus the camera.

Press and hold the screen, which would lock / unlock the image. In freeze mode use pinch & zoom gestures. Double tap to zoom for max/min scale. You can save a screenshot in this mode or view the image from a different angle.

Slide your finger across the screen up or down, to change zoom.

Tap the screen twice that would turn on / off the backlight.

Q: Can't hardly see a thing very blurry.

A:Unfortunatelly, the application can't do more than your device's camera does. In our experience camera resolution should be 4m or more and support autofocus for the best result.


We respect the privacy rights of our users and are committed to protect the personal information collected about or provided by you.

In order to support the main functionality, the application does not read any personal data.

Anonymous crash statistic from the application is collected to help us to debug and to improve our product. This information is stored on your device and may be sent to our database only if you voluntarily provide it to us via sending error report email.

Internet connection is used to serve advertisements only.

Third Party Components

The application includes the third party component to serve advertisements: Google AdMob service. You may read AdMob’s privacy policy here:

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